Nova Urgent Care
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Introducing Nova Health
A New Beginning and a Bright Future
that Revolves Around Compassionate Patient Care

When we ask our founding care providers why they opened Eugene Urgent Care in 2008, they tell us one thing: I wanted to help those in need, provide access to quick immediate medical care, and give back to my community.

Our network of urgent care, primary care, and physical therapy facilities have undergone tremendous success and growth throughout its existence for one reason alone—Its people and their commitment to our patient-centric healthcare model. As we reach this pivotal point in the evolution of our organization, we realize that the explosion of growth and success and the bright future that lay ahead for our company, our people, and our patients can only be defined as a nova. A new star. The collaborative formation of a new entity that is stronger and brighter than its individual components.

As we reflect on our heritage, look forward to a future of limitless possibilities, and commit to keeping our patients at the center of our orbit, we emerge as a newer, stronger, entity that is worthy of a new identity that reflects the synergy of our past and our future, with our patients at our core.

Today, we stand as Nova Health, a unified medical care organization offering urgent care, primary care, and physical therapy services that is committed to our patients and each other. A new organization with a bright future that revolves around what our people do best: caring for our patients. 

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